A Successful Digital Marketing Framework For Your Business

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The ultimate aim of digital marketing strategies and frameworks is to generate more visitors to the website, convert them into prospective leads, and these leads into customers and buyers. Digital marketing is an effective inbound marketing tool, and with strategies devised effectively, it can help businesses leverage the power of search engines, email marketing, digital advertisements, and social media channels. The benefits of SEO strategy for small business is immense because a best digital marketing company helps boost the business returns.

At Traffici5,  a leading digital marketing company, we help our clients with a well-thought-through digital marketing framework in alignment with the goals and specific objectives of your business.

A general 3-step process that we commonly adopt is as follows-

  1. Drive more visitors - The first and foremost step in our framework is to generate visibility and drive more traffic to the website through search engine optimization, email marketing, social media channels, etc.
  2. Convert visitors into leads- After the website has been optimized and strategies have been executed to drive more traffic, what follows next is to strategise conversion of visitors into leads by offering them the needed information in the form of content, emails, videos, etc.
  3. Generating business- In the third step our frameworks ensure effective conversion of more leads into customers, who gain interest in availing the product or service.

The digital marketing strategies in our company are primarily based on the following techniques- content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, Call-to-Action plans, Infographic design and publishing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, etc.

Our framework is executed as per the following phases-

  1. Evaluation of the status quo

We undertake audits to evaluate the effectiveness of your current strategies and digital marketing tactics, to understand the gap and opportunities that exist in the current plan. Contrasting this with the practices in the industry, we help

es explore the competitive edge of the business.

  1. Designing an apt strategy

Having analysed the strengths and weaknesses of your current digital marketing strategies, and the competitive edge of the business, we offer a customised plan that would help the business expand its scale and scope. We ensure that this stays in alignment with the industry, sector, and the objectives of the company, and so more so with our broader aim of finding the target audience by using digital tools.

  1. Implementation

Once a strategy is devised, we work to implement the strategy and tactics, which is strongly found on the long-term objectives of the business. From building websites, empowering email marketing channels, Content Management System(CMS), to social media we ensure that each of them are capable of generating more customers and sales. We also strive to make sure that the outcomes are sustainable on a longer-term and are in strong alignment with the objectives of the organization.

  1. Metrics and measurement

Once the strategies are designed and implemented, what is highly important is to evaluate the effectiveness of such strategies. This is done by analysing several data and metrics and like website traffic, leads generated, enquiries received, the bounce rate of the website, reach of the advertisements, etc. Such an assessment helps us in understanding the gaps and tweaking the strategies as and when the need may arise.





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