Insights On Facebook Algorithm For Marketing Your Business

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Facebook continues to be the leading social media platform with a whopping market share of around 75% with 2.4 billion users every month. Businesses and industrial organizations are continuously investing their efforts in leveraging the Facebook platform to grow their popularity and thus generate a lucrative business. Facebook algorithm is one of the most important factors that affect the reach and impression of your posts and your business page. Though it is an important digital marketing platform, the vision of the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has always been to prioritize family and friends over businesses and thus encourage meaningful conversations and discussions. In alignment with this vision, Facebook brings about changes in its algorithm and thus it is important for marketers to keep a track of the changes to design an optimal strategy.

How did it work?

Akin to Search Engine algorithms, Facebook has its own set of predefined algorithms that rank all. Underlining its vision of generating meaningful interactions, the Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts from friends over business and promotion posts.  It actually controls the order of the presentation of posts in order to ensure that the user gets what he desires to see and what is more relevant to their interests. The presentation is based on four different factors- list of posts available to be displayed, its understanding of what the post is about, predictions on how users may react to posts that are waiting to be displayed, and based on the rank that is calculated considering the above three factors. The following are the tips and engagement tactics to grow your customer base on Facebook as a social media marketer.

Posting at the right time

The algorithm prioritizes posts that generate more engagement and reactions. Hence it is important to analyze when your target users are active and thus make posts during that peak hours.

Concentrate your efforts in producing a video content

Facebook demonstrates that video content is capable of reaching a wider audience. Its algorithm prioritizes high-quality, original videos and it ranks based on three attributes- ability of the video to bring users again and again, engagement duration, and original videos that aren't repurposed on other platforms.

Post consistently and regularly

Brands and businesses that make posts on a regular basis are capable of reaching more people. The algorithm prioritizes displaying more recent posts and hence marketers should create a proper calendar to ensure that posts are made regularly.

Posts that promote discussions are prioritized

As Facebook prioritizes posts that drive discussions instead of merely getting likes and comments, marketers should work out original, creative strategies to get more people on board their business page. Instead of asking or persuading followers to like or comment, create posts that motivate discussions.

Work on creating content specific to Facebook

The algorithm is such that Facebook emphasizes displaying posts that redirect to its own platform and not to external links. Hence marketers should invest in creating content instead of repurposing content from other platforms or generating external links.

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